BUSHRANGER 18″ Mower Skin

Bushranger’s new 36V range of products provides instant power when and where you need it. With Lithium Ion 36V power you will always have the power when you need it and, with the “Power of One™”, you can interchange your battery pack into each of the products in the 36V range. The range includes the 36V Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer, Lawn Mower and Trimmer. All of the Bushranger™ 36V range come with a 2 Year Domestic Warranty.

BUSHRANGER™ 36V 18`` Mower Skin

Featuring a powerful brushless motor.18” Steel base mower Powered by a Samsung cell Lithium Ion battery for long runtime, constant no-fade power, it runs cleaner, quieter and is free from the hassles of petrol or cords. Pull the lever and you have an instant start, long run time and able to hold charge in storage for months. Instant Start - No pull cords. No warm up. No petrol-oil mixing. No emissions.
Stock Code: BRU36V9601
  • Cutting Height(s): 25 mm - 75mm
  • Cutting Width: 457mm
  • Mower Deck: Steel
  • Cutting System: 2800-3300 RPM blade speed
  • Blade(s): (1) Bar Blade
  • Cutting Positions: 6
  • Kit consists of: Kit 1 – BRU36V9601K5AH - 36V 18’ Lawn Mower with catcher, 5.0Ah battery and
  • charger. (recommended kit) (Recharging a completely flat battery requires approximately 128 minutes) Kit 2 – BRU36V9601K25AHL - 36V, 18’ Lawn Mower with catcher 2.5Ah battery large skin and charger. (Recharging a completely flat battery requires approximately 60 minutes) Kit 3 – BRU36V9601K25AHS - 36V 18’ Lawn Mower with catcher, 2.5Ah battery small skin and charger. (Recharging a completely flat battery requires approximately 60 minutes)
  • Weight: 23.6kg (Skin only)
  • Grass Catcher: Yes (60 Litre capacity)
  • Wheel Size: Front: 7” / Back 10”
  • BRAT36V6525 Charger BRAT36V6500 5.0Ah Battery BRAT36V6251 2.5Ah Battery large skin BRAT36V6250 2.5Ah Battery small skin Replacement Blade: BPTP330216001
  • Please Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

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