Bushranger Blowers

Bushranger blowers are designed to maximise productivity. To us that means high performance over a long product life. Balancing power, sound and weight into machines that provide the best mix of characteristics, the best value, durability and performance but mostly just work hard season after season.


The Bushranger BR34 Blower is a powerhouse tool designed to maximise productivity by combining power, lightweight a

  • Chrome Impregnated Cylinder: BUSHRANGER commercial handheld products feature chrome
  • impregnated cylinders giving them a longer life than a standard engine. Light
  • weight.
  • Huge air flow 13 m3 /minute.
  • Soft start - secondary spring reduces effort required to start.
  • Vacuum kit available for purchase separately.
  • Made In Japan.

Stockcode: BRUBR341


A welcome addition to the Bushrangerâ„¢ stable. This commercial backpack blower ishigh powered, lightweight and packe

  • Powerful 79.2 cc commercial quality engine.
  • Nikasil Coated Cylinder and twin ring piston for long engine life.
  • Light weight.
  • Huge air volume (mph) 1699 m3 /h
  • Massive air velocity of 362.25 kph
  • Large fuel capacity for extended operating periods.
  • Tornado Tip, increases air flow
  • Air Share, no sweat backpack padding circulates air flow
  • Extra-Wide, padded straps from chest to lower back
  • Spring-Loaded ergonomic frame with (4) heavy-duty shock springs
  • 2-Stage Air Filtration System
  • variable Speed, cruise control throttle
  • Adjustable: pistol angle, throttle position & tune length
  • Designed for the commercial operator.
  • EU Stage 2
  • Made in Japan.

Stockcode: PUBR9000

Blower BRV2600

Light, easy to operate and capable of tackling any job. Armed with a heavy-dutymetal mulching blade that won't brea

  • Easy starting
  • Performance 26 cc / 0.75 kw engine
  • Balanced
  • Air volume 0.17 m3 /s
  • Air Speed 180 kph
  • Light weight
  • Metal mulching blade.
  • Comfortable anti-vibration rubber handle
  • Vacuum kit included
  • Huge vacuum bag

Stockcode: PUYJBRV2600

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