Hover Mowers

All Bushrangerâ„¢ outdoor power products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards with Bushranger’s core values of power, efficiency and reliability, combining the very latest in technology. Our mowers are all fitted with high performance, hardworking engines and our durable cutting decks are designed to give a precise cut year after year. We have a mower to suit every need.

Hover Mowers

Hover Mower - 2hp

For flat dry turf a conventional mower will do, but when the mowing conditions areEXTREME nothing performs like the

  • Deep tripod polyethylene decks
  • Steel handle brackets eliminate stress fracture and costly deck replacement
  • 1/2" - 3" adjustable cut height. (4" cut optional)
  • Lightest mowers in their class
  • Continuous operation on slopes up to 45 degree incline

Stockcode: PUHM16H4

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