Craftsman…Style, Innovation, Versatility and Reliability. Your tractor is a versatile tool in your lawncare arsenal. Cutting grass is just one of the many talents a good tractor should deliver. With Craftsman, not only will you have a tractor that will keep your turf in top condition, you will have a workhorse that can haul, pick up leaves, de-thatch, aerate and fertilise with the option of a host of attachments that can fit your machine.

Lawn Series


Ideal for lawns up to half an acre and featuring either a 30″or 42″ cutting deck, the Lawn Series is ideal for relatively flat lawns and can handle light duty hauling and lawn maintenance.

Yard Series


With its larger seat and decks from 42″to 46″ and with other comfort and performance features, Craftsman yard series tractors are suitable for lawns from one to two acres. They are tough machines suitable for heavy duty hauling as well as lawn maintenance and are ready to accept a host of optional attachments to assist you to get the job done.

Garden Series


Garden Series tractors have heavy duty transmissions, large tyres and powerful Kawasaki engines. With a 54″deck, these tractors pack power, quality and comfort and are suitable for large yards of two acres or more. They can accept all available craftsman attachments to help tend to lawn and garden.

CRD Series


The CRD series offers the convenience of a rear collection lawn and leaf bagger to ensure your lawn is the envy of your neighbors. A tough tractor with Craftmans most popular features this unit will give you years of quality lawn care. It is also capable of towing a variety of Craftsman attachments.

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