Efco Blowers

A rush of air, around the yard and in the garden. Cleaning up out in the open has never been so easy now that you own an Efco Blower/Vac.

SA2062 Backpack Blower

Designed for clearing larger areas, this backpack blower is designed with the commercial operator in mind. It offer

  • Extremely high air speed & air flow
  • Twin ring piston for reduced engine wear & longer life
  • Throttle control ergonomically positioned directly on the discharge tube
  • Oversized air filter: ensures maximum efficiency even in extreme conditions
  • Extremely lightweight but strong polypropylene backpack frame
  • Anti-vibration system to isolate the operator from machine vibrations
  • Electronic ignition
  • 2.3 Litre fuel capacity: extends running time on larger jobs

Stockcode: EFUSA2062

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