Power Cutters

Powerful professional class tools for cutting asphalt, concrete and metals. Designed specifically for professional users, these machines are equipped with every available leading-edge solution able to guarantee high performance, long-term reliability and maximum operator comfort. Suitably proportioned filter systems designed especially to protect the engine even in the most hostile and dust-laden environments. Ergonomic designed – all main controls readily accessible.

983TTA-14 Power Cutter

Oleo-Mac Power Cutters - Powerful professional class tools for cutting asphalt, concrete and metals.Designed specif

  • Cylinder with decompressor giving smoother start with reduced mechanical stress.
  • Twin ring piston.
  • Innovative multilayer filtering system (foam + paper + nylon): the carburettor receives only clean air, purged entirely of dust.
  • Ergonomic handle assembly isolated from the engine by six rubber antivibration mounts, rendering the machine more stable and manageable.
  • Palm-operated safety switch to prevent accidental throttling, all controls located immediately to hand.
  • The carburettor has a compensator designed to maintain a steady air/fuel ratio, ensuring constant efficiency of the machine and longer maintenance intervals.
  • Aluminium cutter arm and disc guard make the machine lighter and more manageable. Cutter arm reversible through 180deg, allowing operation close to walls.
  • 14" (350 mm) Cutting head.
  • Small wheels fitted beneath front handle as standard.
  • Water cooling kit is included in box as standard - Keeps disc constantly wet eliminating dust and prolonging disc life.
  • Combination spanner.

Stockcode: OMU983TTA-14

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