Bushranger Spartan

The newest additions to our shed-load of products are undeniably hard to miss. The Bushranger Spartan range boasts the sleekest design, with unmatched performance and all the bells and whistles. These units mean business, and so do we. As with all our products, these units have been tested extensively to suit the harshest conditions Australia brings. Get the job done quickly and efficiently allowing you to have more time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Bushranger Spartan RT HD Series

The Bushranger Spartan RT HD range is the perfect representation of supreme innovation and design. The RT HD series includes the easy touch brake system, foot assist easy-lift deck and an ergonomic cockpit with an extremely comfortable seat. Did we also mention the huge fuel tank? This range keeps on giving by introducing an option of an EFI engine. Giving you more power to play with, sounds like a great partner to have!

Bushranger Spartan RT PRO Series

The Bushranger Spartan  RT PRO range handles lawns of all sizes with ease and comes packed with premium features that are all included as standard. Features which include a commercial grade Kawasaki FS730V V-Twin engine. Safety is forefront in our mind, these units are perfectly balanced with a low centre of gravity combined with GT Trac for best traction on inclines, and that’s only the start! Get the job done quickly, comfortable and efficiently so you can have more time to yourself.

Bushranger Spartan RZ Series

The Bushranger Spartan RZ54 is ideal for the small to mid acreage homeowners, or smaller scale commercial operators. Equipped with a Kawasaki V-Twin Engine and packed with features, we can assure you it will feel and perform like a professional grade mower at a fraction of the price.

Bushranger Spartan RZ HD Series

The Bushranger Spartan RZ HD range offers 3 cutting deck sizes giving you the flexibility to choose exactly which mower suits your needs. The RZ HD range is backed by a powerful Kawasaki V-Twin engine, giving you the power where and when you need it. These units won’t dissappoint.

Bushranger Spartan RZ PRO Series

The Bushranger Spartan RZ PRO range of ZTR’S are built and perform like a commercial grade mower but at an affordable price. The Bushranger Spartan RZ PRO eats up lawns of all sizes and comes equipped with premium features that are all included as standard, and truly makes the RZ PRO series stand out from the rest.

Bushranger Spartan SRT XD Series

Take command with the Bushranger Spartan SRT XD range. These powerhouse units are the definition of new aged sleek design and innovative power. These mowers are ready to work at your command jam-packed with first-class, premium features. This range is backed by an epic Kawasaki FX1000V or FX850V EFI engine (and we are only just getting started), a Smart Ride Technology package, an Elastomer TecsPak®, huge tyres and advanced frame design – you’ll have heads turning with this one of a kind range.

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