When we started designing our new chippers, we listened to our customers from the start and then conducted extensive field testing. Particular care was taken in the design of the feed chute to provide a self feeding, free flowing chipper and then we added powerful industry renowned power plants. The end result is this pair of chippers, that will make short work of almost anything that you can throw at them.


The Bushranger BRC40 is an efficient and durable chipper that will easily shred through hard and soft material with

  • Kohler 208 cc Command Pro engine
  • Direction adjustable discharge chute
  • Twin edged blade
  • Chips branches up to 40 mm
  • Solid rubber tyres
  • Easy to manoeuvre and transport

Stockcode: BUSHBRC40


The Bushranger BRC65 is a powerful and durable chipper that can meet the demands of any chipping need up to 65 mm.

  • Kohler Command Pro CH270 Engine 208 cc.
  • Direction adjustable discharge chute.
  • Twin edged blade.
  • Chips branches up to 65 mm.
  • Solid rubber tyres.
  • Easy to manoeuvre and transport.

Stockcode: BUSHBRC65

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