Hedge Trimmers

Powerful professional class tools for cutting asphalt, concrete and metals. Designed specifically for professional users, these machines are equipped with every available leading-edge solution able to guarantee high performance, long-term reliability and maximum operator comfort. Suitably proportioned filter systems designed especially to protect the engine even in the most hostile and dust-laden environments. Ergonomic designed – all main controls readily accessible.

TG2650XP 24`` Hedge Trimmer

Suitable for general gardening and topiary professionals, the TG2650XP is a robust hedge trimmer designed to give y

  • "Lift starter" eliminates the risk of flooding the carburettor
  • Adjustable blades: adapts to all cut requirements
  • Optimum performance even with blunt blades
  • Aluminium gearbox
  • Drive train with pinion mounted on bearings
  • Connecting rod with roller bearings
  • Vibration damping system: isolates the handles for maximum user comfort
  • Rear handle rotatable through 180dg with five positions
  • Handle rotation: provides maximum versatility
  • Light weight & powerful high-quality, commercial-duty engine
  • High blade speed: blades stop in less than 1 second upon throttle release
  • 24" (609 mm) Double sided blades
  • Ergonomic handle with throttle lock
  • Transparent fuel tank: instant fuel level monitoring

Stockcode: EFUTG2650XP

TG2800XP 30`` Hedge Trimmer

Suitable for general gardening and topiary professionals, the TG 2800 XP is a robust hedge trimmer designed to give

  • Double-sided blade: high quality steel, features tri-tip teeth
  • Special designed muffler system: directs exhaust gasses away from the operator
  • Easy access to durable and efficient cloth and foam air filter
  • Anti-vibration system for increased operator comfort
  • Easy access air purge for cold starts
  • Transparent fuel tank makes it easy to check fuel level
  • 180 degree rotating handle for easy trimming at any angle

Stockcode: EFUTG2800XP

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